3 Tips To Finding Medicare Supplement Insurance In Jersey City, New Jersey


Ok.  So, you live in the Jersey City, New Jersey region and are looking a quality Medicare Supplement plan to augment your Medicare Coverage.  So where do you begin?  If you are like most Americans, you may simply have jumped online, ran a search for "Medicare Supplement plans in Jersey City" and perused the first few Medicare supplement sites that appeared. (Probably how you found this site!)  Well that's a reasonable way to start, and you have actually found yourself an excellent site, however you are far from finished.   If you want a first-rate Medicare supplement plan, your information journey has just begun.  Below are 3 key tips to finding a quality Medicare supplement plan to suit your needs.

Tip #1.  Do not delay.

When it comes to Medicare supplement coverage, the sooner you begin your search, the better.  The first thing you will want to do is review Medicare related rules and deadlines that apply to your circumstance.  For starters, determine if and when you are eligible to purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan.  To be eligible, you have to be enrolled in both Part A, and Part B of Medicare.  If you are eligible, there is an initial enrollment period of 7 months.  This enrollment period begins 3 months before your 65th birthday.  This is by far the best time to find and purchase your Medicare Supplement Policy.

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Tip #2.  Review the various plans types in Jersey City that are available to you.

There are quite a few Medicare supplement health plan options that are available for you to choose from.  There are different styles of plans, and there are different insurance companies that offer these plans.  Medicare Supplement plans in New Jersey (and most other states), are designated by letters of the alphabet (A-N).  Each option provides coverage for a distinct level of incurred medical fees that would not be covered by Medicare.  In other words, An F plan purchased from say Humana, or Cigna, provides the exact same level of benefits as an F plan purchased from Mutual of Omaha, or AARP.

Even though benefits are the same, prices can vary significantly depending the insurance company that you buy from.

What Medicare covers, what Medicare Supplement plans cover, and which plan types cover what, can be quite confusing.  This is where the assistance of a licensed Medicare insurance specialist is critical.  We are here to help.  Be sure to give us a call.

Tip #3.  Avoid any health plan that is not specifically designed to complement Medicare!

You need a plan, but you don't want to just pick up anything.  A Medicare supplement plan is designed to perfectly complement Medicare.  Medicare deductible amounts change over time.  You can expect the benefits of your Medicare supplement plan to also change accordingly.  While there are a lot of medical insurance related products, critical illness, short-term health insurance, long-term-care plans, AFLAC, and the like, none of these insurance products should be purchased in lieu of a true Medicare supplement plan.  Do not allow yourself to be "sold" such a plan as a solution for uncovered Medicare costs.